Using Transit Loyalty Programs To Improve Rider Retention

The transit industry is facing a number of challenges. Growing numbers of industry competitors, increasing rates of customer churn and the economic fallout from the 2020 pandemic mean that transit agencies need to find new ways to attract and retain loyal riders.

Modernized transit loyalty and rewards programs offer a significant opportunity to build rider loyalty across the industry. Using a data-driven, integrated loyalty program, transit agencies can connect with and provide more personalized, value-focused rider experiences that build the foundation for long-lasting loyalty. 

In this ebook you will learn: 

  • The key benefits loyalty programs bring to the transit industry 
  • How transit agencies can utilize specific loyalty strategies for motivating behaviors, increasing rider engagement, and more
  • Potential program challenges and methods for overcoming them
  • Important factors that go into designing a transit loyalty program, such as customer demographics and earning mechanisms

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