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From Strategy to Success: Marketing B2B Loyalty and Incentive Programs

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SoCal Explorer Loyalty Program

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Creating A Customer Engagement Strategy
For Your Loyalty Program

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From Strategy to Success: Marketing B2B Loyalty and Incentive Programs

A how-to guide for using effective marketing strategies to promote B2B loyalty and incentive programs and drive user participation after launch


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Learn how to successfully market and promote B2B loyalty and incentive programs 

Failing to promote and market a program is one of the top reasons loyalty and incentive programs struggle to get traction after launch. Loyalty and incentive program performance is dependent on users - from suppliers to end-customers - knowing it exists and the benefits they receive from participating. Yet sometimes brands end up devoting little to no resources to advertise their program to their audiences, or fail to implement an ongoing marketing plan after the initial launch period. 

Whether you have a B2B loyalty program, channel incentives program, rewards program, or other program type, this how-to guide will provide you with resources and tools to help you promote and market your program to greater heights. 

What's inside? 

  • Guidelines for setting your B2B program up for success before launch day 
  • How to create a marketing plan for a B2B loyalty or incentive program
  • 9+ components of an effective B2B marketing plan
  • Best practices for enlisting and training your internal teams to help promote your program 

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Learn better marketing strategies and tactics for promoting your B2B loyalty or channel incentive program.

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